7 Snacks for Healthy Skin

7 Snacks for Healthy Skin ...

Snacks for healthy skin can be just as helpful as all those lotions and potions that you purchase to combat aging. You can use an expensive wrinkle cream, but you’re doing your skin no favors if you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods. Chowing down on healthier foods also has benefits for the rest of your body, including your hair, nails, and waistline. So put down those potato chips and cookies and munch on these snacks for healthy skin instead:

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Lena’s Soul Food Cafe

 Lena’s Soul Food Cafe (1462 High St.) — a cafeteria-style soul food spot located on the outskirts of Oakland’s Fruitvale district  is one centered on family tradition. With their 99-cent menu, you can order a filling meal for under $4.00 or try larger portions from the regular menu for just $9-$15 (depending on if it’s lunch/dinner) you can enjoy the option of a main entre along with two side dishes. You couldn’t find a better deal with comparable quality and taste. With fresh meals cooked from scratch and the bonus of speedy service, Lena’s Soul Food Café is a WIN,WIN Meal … Continue reading Lena’s Soul Food Cafe