How I lost Weight and Found Love

 By Dawn Boykin       Impulsiveness has been the blueprint of my life decisions since I can remember. I reckon that a biological influence has much to do with not having the ability to delay gratification in an ongoing battle involving conflicting outcomes. Several years ago, after coming to terms with the fact that I was overweight and miserable because of it, the idea to do something productive about it was refreshing. It proved to be one of the most difficult tasks that I chose to face. In light, being overweight for me equated to an indefinite life of … Continue reading How I lost Weight and Found Love

I’ve Come To A Place

By: Dawn Boykin I’ve come to a place of serene peace- A longing yearn of tranquility fulfilled Who thought of a time, when I’d joyfully prevail with laughter, from speculations of whispered conviction? Some say that they know me, they don’t- How could you, when you only judge what you do not understand or know? I am not who you believe me to be, I am a person that some are undeserving to know. Carry on, willow in the sorrow of miseries discomfort- I wish to not join you there. For this inner sanction of content has since reconciled  insecurities once had. I’ve come to … Continue reading I’ve Come To A Place

11 Totally Natural And Completely Unexpected Ways To Ease Pain

What’s the thing you do best? Our biggest strengths can contribute significantly to our happiness, success and well-being — and to those of the people around us.

According to newly-released Gallup data, using one’s best talents can also play a role in one’s comfort. In more than 120,000 interviews conducted during the latter half of 2012, Gallup found that the more people use their strengths throughout the day, the less likely they are to say they feel physical pain.

At least 116 million Americans live with chronic pain, uncomfortable at best, debilitating and isolating at worst.

Despite existing health problems, 50 percent of people who do what they do best for at least 10 hours a day said they experience pain, while 69 percent of people who use their top strengths for three hours a day or less said they experience pain, according to the new report. The relationship also exists among people without any ongoing health issues, albeit more weakly: 13 percent of people who use their strengths for 10 or more hours a day reported physical pain, while 17 percent of people who use their strengths for three hours or fewer did.

Whether the people using their strengths all day long are simply more positive people or just more distracted is still to be determined, according to Gallup. But it’s certainly something to consider when reaching into the toolbox of pain management techniques. In addition to playing to your strengths, here are 10 more all-natural, little-known ways to make yourself more comfortable, fast.

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FREE GROCERIES/FOOD @ Faith Bible Church of Vallejo, CA

FAITH FOOD FRIDAYS – FREE FOOD, CLOTHING & SHOES Free Food/Groceries, clothing, shoes and books/toys for children EVERY Friday from 3-6pm at 826 Solano Ave. @ Faith Bible Church of Vallejo MINISTRY CENTER, located at the corner of Curtola Parkway across the street from Wilson Park near the railroad tracks. Donations of non-perishables needed! (see suggestions) Suggested Donation List For Faith Food Fridays Canned tuna Peanut butter Hearty soups Dried or canned beans Canned chicken Fruits and protein Canned fruit in juice 100 percent fruit juice Canned vegetables Canned tomato products Enriched rice, grains or pasta Iron rich cereal and … Continue reading FREE GROCERIES/FOOD @ Faith Bible Church of Vallejo, CA

Ice T Responds To Coco ‘Cheating’ Snaps: ‘She Made Me Feel Like Sh*t’.

Trouble in paradise? Well, if the snap above is anything to go by, trouble is definitely the name of the game Ms.Coco played when she posed for the above provocative snap with a ‘friend’ recently. So provocative, her husband Ice T has taken to Twitter to air out his feelings towards his wife and her ‘mystery man’, with whom she snapped up with during a recent trip to Vegas. He declared: “Coco’s in Vegas. She has given me her explanation of the pics on the net from her first weeks out there with some dude. She said he knew someone in the crew from … Continue reading Ice T Responds To Coco ‘Cheating’ Snaps: ‘She Made Me Feel Like Sh*t’.