Family Support Services of the Bay Area

    SERVICES WE PROVIDE ARE… Respite & Child Care Intermittent childcare to parents and other caregivers in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties. Family Preservation Intensive home-based services to San Francisco and Oakland families whose children are at imminent risk of removal from their homes. Kinship Support Offers much-needed support to grandparents and other relative caregivers who are caring for kin children who have been removed from the care of their biological parents. Kinship Youth Program Serves children and youth ages 8-18 who are being raised by a kinship caregiver, through a comprehensive, year-round program. OreMi Mentoring Serves … Continue reading Family Support Services of the Bay Area

Defining Intelligence: Genetic V.S. Environmental Influences

      By Dawn Boykin General cognitive ability is one of the most well studied domains in behavioral genetics. Nearly all of this genetic research is based on a model in which cognitive abilities are organized hierarchically , from specific test to broad factors to general cognitive abilities(often called g); and the relative influences of nature and nurture on G have been studied since the beginning of behavioral genetics. There are hundreds of tests of diverse cognitive abilities. These tests measure several broad factors such as verbal ability, spatial ability, memory, and speed of processing. Such tests are widely … Continue reading Defining Intelligence: Genetic V.S. Environmental Influences

Six ways single mothers can raise a sorry Black man

These words come from a man who has seen too many Black men grow up to become irresponsible, self-absorbed, excessively entitled, weak men, largely because they were coddled at home.  This does not always happen at the hands of a single mother, but it almost always occurs due to parents who do not understand their role in raising intelligent and responsible human beings. Let’s be clear:  If you raise your son to be a boy, he’s going to remain a boy.  Typically, strong male role models make it easier to build manhood; mothers cannot usually do it alone. This is … Continue reading Six ways single mothers can raise a sorry Black man

Vanity’s Obsessions Boutique

VANITY’S OBSESSION BOUTIQUE Sensual & Stylish Lingerie & Attire for Divas Vanity’s Obsessions Boutique is a family owned and operated business located in the San Francisco Bay area. They offer a unique selection of Lingerie, Club wear, Plus Size Diva Attire, Accessories and Fashion Jewelry. Vanity’s Obsessions enjoys interacting with customers thereby providing the “traveling boutique” experience, convenient to local shoppers. Visit their website for varied locations and services. 415-706-9780 “All Things Sexy” Continue reading Vanity’s Obsessions Boutique

The Facts About Blacks and Heart Disease

African Americans should be concerned about heart disease. Combined, heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death for African Americans, says Quinn Capers, MD, director of Peripheral Vascular Interventions at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and associate dean of Admissions at Ohio State’s College of Medicine. When asked why African American health is important to him, Dr. Capers replied, “I am keenly interested in African American health because our health statistics lag behind others in almost every important category, and in arguably the most important measure of health: life expectancy.” A few facts to consider: •   … Continue reading The Facts About Blacks and Heart Disease

Family Of Child With Autism Gets Hate Letter From Neighbor To ‘Euthanize’ Son

In a hate move that has stunned and outraged a Newcastle, Ontario, community, the family of a 13-year-old boy, Max Begley (pictured), received an anonymous letter (pictured below) in their mailbox from a disturbed neighbor urging them to “euthanize” their son because he has severe autism, reports the Toronto Star. Max, who was diagnosed at age 2 with the disorder, spends most of his summer mornings at his grandmother Brenda Milson’s home. The anonymous letter describes how when Max plays outside, he makes “dreadful” noises that “scares the hell out of my normal children.” The author then accuses the special needs child of “noise … Continue reading Family Of Child With Autism Gets Hate Letter From Neighbor To ‘Euthanize’ Son

The Best Coupon Sites For Mom

Check out the steals and deals we found online! Plus, get more money saving tips for your family!   Why wait for the Sunday paper? With an internet connection and a printer, you can get coupons for almost everything your family needs. Here are some of our favorite online steals and deals. Continue reading The Best Coupon Sites For Mom


by Dawn Boykin It is bad enough to have a hater that is a friend, co-worker, neighbor, acquaintance or even a stranger. But It is almost sickening to have hater that happen to be a part of your family tree, a blood family member or someone considered to be like family. To settle the confusion on being a hater, Let’s define the characteristics of A hater. A Hater is someone who is not GENUINELY happy about ANYTHING good that happens in another persons life. A Hater will not see GOOD in any situation, will point out the negative aspects of ANY and EVERYTHING, and is one who has … Continue reading Unfortunate


by Dawn Boykin I can not even begin to rationalize with the ongoing nature of  senseless violence that is taking place in the African American Community today. The young and the old are behaving in a ways that is far beyond belief. In “The Hood” there seems to be no rules to follow, no loyalty, and broken families perpetuated by ongoing oppression (internal) socioeconomic oppression (external) as well as prejudice and discrimination based merely on the color of your skin . This reality has created an unbreakable pattern of destruction, which I have coined as being A RATCHET MESS. In “The Hood” there are no rules to follow, let … Continue reading The HOOD MENTALITY

White Dove Release

 Make every occasion more memorable with Timeless Wings. The options are endless, and so are the memories. Doves mate for life and symbolize love, peace, unity, fidelity and remembrance.  Let Timeless Wings out of the San Francisco Bay Area create those memories that family and friends will treasure for years to come. Whether you need Wedding Day Doves or Funeral Doves we can accommodate your event, add a touch of class and provide a memory that will last forever. Contact us today! Email: Phone: 510-776-0789 Continue reading White Dove Release