The New Parkway Movie Theater Oakland, Ca.

The New Parkway Theater is an eclectic movie-going experience in the spirit of Oakland’s beloved Parkway Theater, where people not only go to watch movies, but to have an unforgettable night out with friends and community.  Enjoy a movie at the Parkway while sitting on a couch, enjoying a freshly cooked meal, and washing it down with wine or beer on tap.  And doing it all for under $20-25. Cafe Activities The New Parkway Theater offers evening activities, Monday thru Thursday nights, nearly all free   Mix and Match Monday On Monday nights, it’s all about meeting people and building community.  Start at 7:30 with … Continue reading The New Parkway Movie Theater Oakland, Ca.

4 Things Young Black Women Should Remember When Dating

By: Madam Prezident 70% of African American women are unmarried. Although that’s a large amount of unmarried black folk—it’s a harsh reality. Being an African American woman currently on the dating scene, I noticed a few mistakes that we as women make when meeting someone new. These mistakes are the top 4 things that keep us single. 1)    Clingy Stop being clingy—if you are the clingy type, then stop. It’s not a bad thing to desire the presence of someone you like, but when you are forcing your connection oppose to allowing it to take it’s natural course, you are … Continue reading 4 Things Young Black Women Should Remember When Dating


4 Specializing in Marketing/Promotions 4 U Entertainment utilizes radio, TV, internet, major events, and magazine to build companies and images into becoming household names.  4 U Entertainment is the driving force behind the majors, independent artists’, promoters, and companies alike.  They set up media packages that can include airplay as well as radio and television informercials, nationally as well as regionally.Their track record in marketing speaks for itself, as they have been instrumental in breaking records and music videos for artists’ on Universal Music Group, J Records, Interscope, Warner Bros, Geffen, Virgin and more!  4 U Entertainment also does Red Carpet Events, Sponsorship Acquit-ions … Continue reading NEED RADIO AIRPLAY?