Oakland Student Beats the Odds With a 5.0 GPA & 1200 SAT SCORE

  By Dawn Boykin Akintunde Ahmad’s future could have turned out like any other young black male growing up in the East Oakland streets, but it is amazingly quite different. There is much to be celebrated for this 17-year old Oakland Tech High student who has been accepted to numerous top tier schools including; Yale, Brown, Columbia, Northwestern, USC, UCLA, Howard, Chapman, Cal Poly and Cal State East Bay. Akintude has a 5.0 GPA and a 2100 (out of 2400) on the SAT. He keeps a screen shot of his grades on his phone for proof. While there has been temptation … Continue reading Oakland Student Beats the Odds With a 5.0 GPA & 1200 SAT SCORE

National College Resources Foundation

National College Resources Foundation is a full service outreach program to help connect students to College, Careers & Beyond! Our mission is to curtail the high school dropout rate and increase degree and/or certificate enrollment among underserved and underrepresented youth. We offer programs and services to help students succeed. Our services include college and career planning, educational consulting, assist with understanding financial aid and financial literacy, providing and helping secure scholarships, internship and career guidance and placement, college readiness, and student athlete recruitment and advising.

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Free Money For College

Sign up with Fastweb. We work by matching the information in your completed profile to scholarships from our database of over 1.5 million scholarships worth over $3.4 billion. Whether you’re a high school freshmen or a returning adult we’ve got scholarships and information to help you find ways to pay for school. Unlock powerful features. Besides providing you with scholarships you actually qualify for, and eliminating the need to scour the web, we also provide advice on financial aid, college admissions, student life and tools such as financial aid calculators, discussion boards, and checklists. Succeed in finding money! You’ve got the tools to help … Continue reading Free Money For College

Scholarships For Low Income Minorities

  UNCF serves students, communities  and the nation by helping low-income students to and through college. UNCF fulfills this mission by annually providing 10,000 scholarships, supporting  the education of more than 57,000 students at 37 UNCF-member historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and more than 900 colleges and universities  across the country and by serving as one of the country’s most prominent  advocates for the importance of education and college readiness. For more info on Scholarship, Fellowship and Internship opportunities, visit http://www.uncf.org/ Continue reading Scholarships For Low Income Minorities

The First Rule of Entrepreneurship

by: Devin Robinson The First Rule of Entrepreneurship: Don’t seek handouts. If you get one, it’s a blessing. But it shouldn’t be a part of your strategy. As noble as handouts may seem, it cripples progress in ways the naked non-economic eye can’t see. I know. There are struggling entrepreneurs out there who often need that free assistance to take them to the next level, and those who actually are able to capitalize on that help is rare. Part of the journey to success is understanding your weaknesses, beliefs and the truth about you. I’m not speaking condescendingly. I had … Continue reading The First Rule of Entrepreneurship