20 signs of a cheater

By Dawn Boykin When it comes to cheating, we have all been on the not so friendly end- having been cheated on. In my dating experience, I can certainly vouch to the harsh reality of being cheated on by men countless times. While in the romantic stage of dating(first several months), we tend to wear a facade and often times are in a pursuit of winning the other person over. We will often times introduce our representative-self and not reveal our true-self. On the contrary, I agree that you should not unload your entire life story during your first date (It could very well … Continue reading 20 signs of a cheater

Ne Ne Leakes Wants a Prenup

By Dawn Boykin Real Housewives of Atlanta star Ne Ne Leakes revealed on her new reality show I Dream of Ne Ne: The Wedding that she is demanding that Gregg sign a prenup before they remarry. Ne Ne thinks that a prenup is a good idea and that there is nothing wrong with getting one. Leakes called off her 15 year marriage to Gregg back in 2011 and says that she just wants to be protected this time around. Ne Ne says that during their last divorce, Gregg played dirty in court. Apparently Gregg is not feeling the whole prenup … Continue reading Ne Ne Leakes Wants a Prenup