Free Video Game Programming Class for Kids

A class for kids over age 10 to learn how to program, create simple games, and other game development skills. Saturdays, 10 a.m.-noon, free. The museum of Arts  and Digital Entertainment, 610 16th St., Oakland,CA Continue reading Free Video Game Programming Class for Kids


by Dawn Boykin I can not even begin to rationalize with the ongoing nature of  senseless violence that is taking place in the African American Community today. The young and the old are behaving in a ways that is far beyond belief. In “The Hood” there seems to be no rules to follow, no loyalty, and broken families perpetuated by ongoing oppression (internal) socioeconomic oppression (external) as well as prejudice and discrimination based merely on the color of your skin . This reality has created an unbreakable pattern of destruction, which I have coined as being A RATCHET MESS. In “The Hood” there are no rules to follow, let … Continue reading The HOOD MENTALITY