Why Women Get Paid Less

What is the current gender pay gap? On average, women in the United States today are paid 77 cents for every dollar paid to men. That’s staggering and a number that has barely budged in over a decade. Why are women still making less than men? There are a few reasons. First, there’s the issue of less women at the top earning high-paying salaries. This ties into the “drop-out story” of women leaving the workplace to raise children.  Second, women struggle with salary negotiations—partly out of fear of being negatively labeled.  If a woman advocates for more money, she is … Continue reading Why Women Get Paid Less

Six Strategies for Becoming Debt Free

By Christelyn Karazin David Bakke dug himself out of over $30k in credit card debt he accumulated during his college years. He is now debt-free and shares his tips on the blog, Money Crashers Finance. Whether you’ve got a little debt or a lot, it puts a strain on managing your finances. Interest payments are a waste of money, and climbing out of that hole is never fun. But the truth is, getting out of debt doesn’t require a ton of sacrifice. With some thoughtful planning, a little research, and some spending discipline, you too can become debt-free. Knowing where … Continue reading Six Strategies for Becoming Debt Free