50 Best Ways to Make Money

50 Best Ways to Make Money ...

Best Ways to Make Money come in all different forms. You can work from home, you can blog, you can do all kinds of freelancing; you can save, you can take back cans, you can – well, rather than listing all the best ways to make money right here, maybe I ought to make a more comprehensive list, you know? After all, times are still tight, and I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t like a little extra cash. That being said, I have no less than 50 of the best ways to make money right here for you!

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Americans Are $6.8 Trillion Short On Retirement Savings

It isn’t the retirement George Warren dreamed of. Confined to a wheelchair and living on disability payments after losing his job, Warren, 63, figures he would be homeless in old age if not for a senior housing program offered by Catholic Charities of Maryland. “I had plans, but life had other plans for me,” he says. Warren worked for decades, starting with a “sophisticated lemonade stand” he opened with friends at age 9. He paid into Social Security as he meandered through a half-dozen jobs in telecommunications and networking. But he lost his last job in what he calls an … Continue reading Americans Are $6.8 Trillion Short On Retirement Savings

A Black Women Turns $700 Into $7 Million

SHE WORKS: Shashicka Tyre-Hill Turned $700 To $7 Million By Caring For The Helpless By Rashida Maples, Esq. Name: Shashicka Tyre-Hill Occupation: CEO, Miracle Home Care, Inc. HelloBeautiful: Briefly describe your day to day activities and responsibilities as founder and owner of Miracle Home Cares, Inc. STH: I manage seven locations in the state of Georgia. Each location has a staff including a senior administrative to oversee the day-to-day. I review client reports, payroll, discuss staff concerns, access and prepare for incoming clients, I deal with insurance companies and government agencies including Medicaid. HB: Briefly describe what prompted your interest … Continue reading A Black Women Turns $700 Into $7 Million

4 Big Businesses Built With Small Cash

Starting a business takes money. Venture capitalists, angel investors and banks sometimes swoop in to help out a business at the start, but more often than not an entrepreneur is on his or her own unless they can catch investors’ attention. However, having a large amount of start-up cash doesn’t necessarily mean you can build a large business. The tech bust was littered with well-capitalized companies that died. In this slideshow we’ll look at entrepreneurs who started big business with very little start-up money. Subway Fred Deluca is a case study in bootstrapping. In 1965, DeLuca received a $1,000 loan … Continue reading 4 Big Businesses Built With Small Cash

12 Things Successful Women Do Differently

Every woman has her own definition of success. But there are certain traits that most successful women share. I spend a good part of my work day reading and writing about women who have achieved great things — and I make it a point to surround myself with women who are well on their way to doing so. Here are 12 things I’ve learned that successful women do differently: 1. They are deeply passionate about what they do. “Without passion, all the skill in the world won’t lift you above craft,” wrote dancer Twyla Tharp in her book, The Creative … Continue reading 12 Things Successful Women Do Differently

5 Bad Spending Habits to Break

Putting an end to emotional spending, using credit cards only in moderation and more are key to improving personal money management To avoid being cash-strapped and constantly feeling broke, you also have to  avoid some common spending traps that can put you in the hole economically. Bad Spending Habit #1: Spending What You Don’t Have Are you the type of person who easily parts with money before it even comes  in the door? Or do you regularly allow your monthly spending to exceed your  take-home pay? If so, it’s time to overhaul your spending habits. Make the decision to only … Continue reading 5 Bad Spending Habits to Break

BILLIONAIRES Prefer Black Women

Kola Boof: Billionaires Prefer *Black* Women *There has been over 900 views of this post alone on brown girls connect in just two days! More than the combined views of virtually ALL posts. Because of this, I am reposting it. Although no one has made any comments, I am very interested in knowing why this post has everyone’s attention? Please post comments regarding your interest in this topic. All thoughts and opinions are welcome.* Billionaire Ben Horowitz says: “Black women are loyal and they guard your interests. Black wives are for grown ups.” One thing I learned while living with … Continue reading BILLIONAIRES Prefer Black Women

Zimbabwe President Opens a “Blacks Only” Stock Exchange?

Stockbrokers work on the floor of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) in Harare Photo: Reuters Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is probably one of the most controversial leaders in the world.  He is determined to make everything black-owned, even if by force.  Is this fair to those who are having their assets taken?  Some say “no,” but others point to years of colonialism, where whites were the ones going to Africa and taking things for themselves.  His new economic plans are considered to be harmful to the country, but he was elected by a landslide.  Is he any more or any less … Continue reading Zimbabwe President Opens a “Blacks Only” Stock Exchange?