5 Bad Spending Habits to Break

Putting an end to emotional spending, using credit cards only in moderation and more are key to improving personal money management To avoid being cash-strapped and constantly feeling broke, you also have to  avoid some common spending traps that can put you in the hole economically. Bad Spending Habit #1: Spending What You Don’t Have Are you the type of person who easily parts with money before it even comes  in the door? Or do you regularly allow your monthly spending to exceed your  take-home pay? If so, it’s time to overhaul your spending habits. Make the decision to only … Continue reading 5 Bad Spending Habits to Break

From Janitor to Ph.D.: 4 Tips To Turning Your Tragedy Into Triumph

by: Shaun Marq Anderson This life can be marred with tragedies, regrets, and setbacks. Moreover, these obstacles can leave a person searching, hoping, and pleading for a break. But what if you can turn your tragedy into triumph, your pain into peace, and your setback into a setup for greatness? Take it from me, I have ridden the roller-coaster of life and I have decided to use my mistakes as a launching pad! Years ago, one could have considered me as the stereotypical urban youth that gets plastered on mainstream media day-in and day-out: black, fatherless home, born into poverty, … Continue reading From Janitor to Ph.D.: 4 Tips To Turning Your Tragedy Into Triumph

The First Rule of Entrepreneurship

by: Devin Robinson The First Rule of Entrepreneurship: Don’t seek handouts. If you get one, it’s a blessing. But it shouldn’t be a part of your strategy. As noble as handouts may seem, it cripples progress in ways the naked non-economic eye can’t see. I know. There are struggling entrepreneurs out there who often need that free assistance to take them to the next level, and those who actually are able to capitalize on that help is rare. Part of the journey to success is understanding your weaknesses, beliefs and the truth about you. I’m not speaking condescendingly. I had … Continue reading The First Rule of Entrepreneurship

11 banned ingredients we eat in the US

We sure do love unhealthy food in the U.S. Eleven ingredients considered  unhealthy and dangerous are banned in countries around the world. But not in the  U.S. In fact, those ingredients are found in food and drink that Americans consume regularly  according  to ABC News. The banned ingredients include: 1. Blue #1 food coloring 2. Blue # 2 food coloring 3. Yellow # 5 food coloring 4. Yellow # 6 food coloring 5. Red #40 food coloring 6. Brominated vegetable oil (found in sodas) 7. Bromated flour (used in baking) 8. Olean (found in potato chips) 9. Preservatives butylated hydroxyanisole … Continue reading 11 banned ingredients we eat in the US