BODY-MECHANIX $99 Unlimited Gym Membership

Body Mechanix Fitness Cooperative is a San Francisco Bay Area Company comprised of hand selected, highly skilled fitness professionals and independent gym owners. Our Personal Trainers work with a wide-range of clientele and draw upon their competitive experience and areas of expertise in Fitness, Sports and Personal Training to create exciting, challenging, and well-balanced exercise programs. Each independent professional shares one common goal, to provide world-class service for the health and fitness of each and every one of our clients. We have built our business by consistently delivering results, helping our clients make gains, set goals, and by developing and maintaining a … Continue reading BODY-MECHANIX $99 Unlimited Gym Membership

How I lost Weight and Found Love

 By Dawn Boykin       Impulsiveness has been the blueprint of my life decisions since I can remember. I reckon that a biological influence has much to do with not having the ability to delay gratification in an ongoing battle involving conflicting outcomes. Several years ago, after coming to terms with the fact that I was overweight and miserable because of it, the idea to do something productive about it was refreshing. It proved to be one of the most difficult tasks that I chose to face. In light, being overweight for me equated to an indefinite life of … Continue reading How I lost Weight and Found Love

5 Things You Need To Know About Waist Training


If you are struggling to keep your waistline snatched then you are just like all other humans in the world with two X chromosomes. Having an hourglass figure has been highly coveted by women since the beginning of time, however many new products and programs are selling lies to ladies everywhere.

“Lose 10 inches off your waist in 10 days,” may sound like a wonderful quick solution, but if you want a little middle that will last, the only thing you should be doing quick is reading this.

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Top 5 Secret Weapons To Fight Cellulite


Cottage cheese may be fun to eat, but according to majority of the female population, it is not so fun to see! In fact, research indicates that up to 90 percent of women have cellulite. So unless you are amongst that dimple-free 10 percent, keep reading in order to find out how to smooth those undesirable lumps out once and for all.

What In The World Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is simply this–a collection of fat that expands and pushes against the connective tissue of our skin ladies. Another female woe, I know. Men are usually exempt from cottage cheese thighs since their top layer of fat is held together by an organized network of elastic bands that run diagonally. Our bands however, run vertically. And over time–with age–they lose their elasticity and pow: here comes little pockets of fat poking through. Hello cellulite. Now you see why those fat-prone areas like the buttocks, thighs and stomach look the way they do? Don’t cry.

You know I keep it real with y’all, so I hate to say that I have some bad news: You can’t cure cellulite. Wait, don’t flip out just yet, because while you can’t get rid of it, you can reduce it. Don’t worry it’s not your fault. It’s your momma’s and your daddy’s, actually. The elastic bands that help keep the superficial fat from poking out and causing dimples comes from both your mom and dad’s genes. Plus, each person inherits a tendency to deposit fat in certain areas–which plays a role in how much cellulite they get. No wonder I have these same thighs like my momma! But I am going to help you win the fight against cellulite! Here’s my top five secrets!

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Black Girls Work Out Too, TOTAL BODY REVOLUTION!

While statistics show that 4 out of 5 African American women are overweight or obese, you have the power to change that. In a 45 minute workout, mother-and-daughter fitness duo Ellen, 60 and Lana, 23 bring their popular Atlanta based group into your home! These two show you how to drop those unwanted pounds and get those curves that us black women are known for. They utilize real, everyday women and showcase their actual clients. So grab your dumbbells and join in on  the Total Body Revolution and prove that “Black Girls Work Out, Too!” Gem, @tede_07 on Instagram is showing off … Continue reading Black Girls Work Out Too, TOTAL BODY REVOLUTION!

East Bay Fitness Bootcamps and Personal Training

  The Inner Athlete… …is the East Bay’s premier personal training and fitness studio located in San Leandro serving Castro Valley, Oakland, and the East Bay Area. We provide: Fitness Boot Camps One-on-One Personal Training Weight Loss Consulting and much more… super effective in reducing body fat, increasing muscle tone and boosting energy! Get Fit Now! (510) 638-3103 Continue reading East Bay Fitness Bootcamps and Personal Training