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Vision, Mission, Values

Brown Girls Connect is a lifestyle site that caters to the interest and needs of minority women. Our goal is to provide knowledge and resources in every aspect of life with the objective of empowering women to see themselves as the organizers of their lives, to make a difference in their communities and in their world and beyond. We support and promote the growth of ethnic entrepreneurship by offering free advertising for local and national businesses and events.

Our Values

These operating values are our core principles. They direct our choices and guide the behavior of our team and all entities that we collaborate with.

UNITYBrown Girls Connect works as a cohesive unit with common systems, common knowledge, and unconditional teamwork.We strive to have an organization that reflects the diverse world that we live in and embraces everyone in it. We are inspired and energized by one uniting vision: A future in which minority women are able to connect on a spiritual and personal level and achieve a sisterhood bound by trust and acceptance. We operate with everyone with a spirit of cooperation and up most respect.

AWARENESSWe strive to bring knowledge and awareness of pressing issues that affect the minority communities which is preventing  advancement and growth on a personal and societal level. We seek to make a positive  impact and to be accountable for how we interact with one another and the world as a whole.

PROSPERITYWe anticipate excellent execution of our plan and work to create flourishing success in ethnic entrepreneurship. We encourage and support our united journey to success, happiness and wellbeing.

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