The Bra Bawse-Quality Lingerie in all Sizes


The Bra Bawse, is a new, contemporary-influenced lingerie boutique providing high-quality lingerie in a wide array of sizes and styles with exceptional customer service. Their products have a higher quality than you’ll see in any of the competing boutiques or department stores. They include hand-finished laces, superior craftsmanship, and quality silks in a wide array of colors and styles.

One author wrote: “Why is it that if a woman wears a 32-A and really doesn’t need to wear a bra at all, she has her choice of white, black, beige, navy, shocking pink and turquoise, as well as plaids, polka dots and leopard prints? But if a woman is a 42-D (or more) and requires a bra every waking moment, she has a choice of—white.”


3948 S. Hudson Ave. Tulsa, OK 74135
Highland Plaza Shopping Center
Store Number:  918.398.7433

Click the link to shop

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