2-Year-Old Boy Body Found After Alligator Attack at Disney Resort

The body of 2-year old Lance Graves has been recovered since being dragged into Seven Seas Lagoon by a 7-foot gator, an artificial lake located on Orlando Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida.

The boys father did what he could to snatch the toddler from the gators mouth but was unsuccessful. A lifeguard nearby was then alerted about the attack by the 7 foot gator.

Initially rescue team was hopeful that they would find the boy alive. After search efforts done by about 50 people from the sheriff department alone, the toddlers body was found “completely intact” about 10 to 15 feet away from shore. Sixteen hours after searching the boys body was found.

According to Nick Wiley, the executive director of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, there have been five alligators taken from the lake and euthanized. He stated that there is a good “chance” that one of the alligators attacked the toddler.

While Disney Resort president George Kalogridis expressed sympathy for the families loss, the fact that the resort knew that the alligators existed on the property and failed to act in a proactive manner to have them removed is unacceptable.

Although the resort had no warning signs that gators were in the area, there were notices against swimming in the man made lake.

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