Monday Motivation




Consistent, persistent effort

If you’re disappointed by the results of your first attempt, that’s no reason to quit. On the contrary, that’s a reason to learn from what you’ve done and make a second attempt.

If you’ve made that second attempt, and a third and fourth and fifth, and still don’t have it right, keep going. Though you may not immediately see it, you’re making progress.

If nothing else, you’re learning what doesn’t work. And, you’re reinforcing the powerful habit of persistence.

What you consistently and persistently do, you soon will do very well. Keep plugging away, and as you do, your effectiveness increases.

The achievement you seek comes from consistent, persistent effort. Keep going, keep learning, keep making improvements, one effort at a time.

Let go of the fantasy of being instantly successful, and choose instead to be reliably successful. With consistent, persistent effort you will find a workable path to whatever achievement you choose to create.

— Ralph Marston

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