57th Street Gallery


57th Street Gallery’s intentions are to use art and music as a tool to make the community aware of the impact that art and music has on the world from the past to the present. The Gallery is open to new ideas, diversity and welcomes community participation. 57th Street Gallery’s visitors will always enter into a warm and welcoming environment. Collecting art is an objective of the 57th Street Gallery as well as listening to the best jazz music in the Bay Area.

57th Street Gallery is the brain child of Floyd Pellom a San Francisco Bay Area Business Man and Entrepreneur. Mr. Pellom has been collecting exclusive works of fine art for many years with a focus on works of jazz musicians and musical themes. Mr. Pellom’s father introduced him to the world of jazz and the impact that jazz has had on the World. His father and Floyd did the jazz scene in the Bay Area for many years and they were privileged to meet many of the jazz legends and local talented musicians.

Mr. Pellom’s love for jazz is another endeavor he undertook when he launched his “Saturday Evening Jazz” nights to expose the community to the jazz world. Some of the Bay Area’s finest jazz groups perform twice a month at 57th Street Gallery. The “Saturday Evening Jazz” series will bring life to the fine art world giving exposure not only to the fine art but also to the lovers of jazz. The 57th Street Gallery looks forward to their new chapters of exposure to the community in providing fine art and jazz music for their educational and cultural needs.

57th Street Gallery offers the use of the entire Gallery for your event. Our objective is to bring people together within the walls of our Gallery, offering a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the Bay Area.

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