Positive Thoughts for the New Year- Happy New Year’s Eve

live true

Live true

Today, in the everyday details of life, feel your purpose. Today, as you choose how to spend your time, live your purpose.

Your life has unique meaning and the potential for much more meaning. Stay true to the real, living, authentic person you are, and fulfill that potential.

You know what feels right for you and what feels wrong. Pay attention to that feeling, and remind yourself to stick with what’s right.

Enjoy and explore, learn and love, create, support and empower all that is important to you. You have meaningful work to do, and a beautiful vision to express, and today is your opportunity to do it.

Don’t let yourself get too conceited or too dismayed by what others think or say about you. Do what you know is good and right, and in line with your purpose, and all will work out for the best.

Live true to your deeply felt purpose. And you will truly live well.

— Ralph Marston


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