A White Man’s Guide to Gaining Black Power

Listen to the key message here. Stan offers three concrete ways to gain black power and rules the world, which have been done successfully by whites in their achievement of white supremacy around the world.I can see how some will become tied up in the God/Religion aspect of the video, which is part of the problem with realizing the true message in anything that has to do with Black people “waking up” and realizing that most of us are still enslaved! Pay attention to the core and key aspects of Stan’s brilliant blueprint which include solid evidence of its effectiveness. Every Black person needs to hear this.

Key take away from Stan:

 Whites specialize in ruling the world and the coordination similar to the Illuminati is necessary to begin taking over the world.

Three things that whites did to take over the world that Blacks can use to begin to gain Black Power:

1) Unity– the thing that Black people struggle with most

2) Get Organized (Have a plan/goal) and know the traps that are laid out

3) Understand Black Psychology (White supremacy, religion and the unconscious mind)



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