Student Loan Forgiveness DOES NOT Require a FEE



It’s such a relief knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to student loans and debt. However, with the Loan Forgiveness Program one must proceed with caution. There are companies that are posing as credible entities working with the government that are there to help you with the loan forgiveness process.

First off, Obama’s Loan forgiveness program does not require a fee!!! Lets be clear about that. Don’t get scammed by companies that are attempting to capitalize from the loan forgiveness program. They are pathetic and ethically disgusting. More important, the forgiveness is not available to every one and I will explain this later. I would like to direct you to a company that I spoke with today regarding forgiving my student loans.

There was a sponsored ad on face book called Student Loan Forgiveness Program, website (1-888-596-1919) Please be aware, THEY ARE SCAMMING AND ARE ASKING FOR MONEY to forgive loans!!! Do not get suckered into their game. This is the post that is currently active on face book.



I, like millions of other students who are in debt for student loans called this USLPR company and after attempting to gain my trust, they asked me for an “investment set up fee” of $699. Mario,who was the guy that I spoke to was very friendly, talkative and good at communicating that everything that he is saying and doing is in your best interest. But clearly that is not true.

Everything that he assure me, 0$ monthly loan payment (income based) and complete loan forgiveness after 120 payments (10 years) is FALSE. I was smart enough to cross reference what’s listed with the department of education after my loving fiance told me that it sounded like a Scam.

Secondly, It is best contact your loan provider and work directly through them for consolidation, income based payments or loan forgiveness. If you are dealing with a “contractor” then that is a serious problem and you will be asked to pay for the service. What they are going to do for you is the very thing that you can do for yourself.

Finally, The LOAN FORGIVENESS is ONLY available to PUBLIC SERVICE WORKERS who have Direct Loans 

Qualifying employment is any employment with: a federal, state, or local government agency, entity, or organization (including entities such as a public transportation, public water, or public bridge district, or a public housing authority) or a not-for-profit organization that has been designated as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

However, there are qualifying payment plans that allow you to have lower payments (longer payments, additional interest & higher loan than can be forgiven)

(a) Income Based Repayment (IBR)

(b Pay as you Earn

(c) Income Contingent Repayment (ICR) or the 10-year Standard Repayment Plan (Make all required 120 qualifying payments & there wont be a balance on loans to be forgiven. But you must qualify for one of the income based plans.

For more information,visit the Federal Student Aid Website


4 thoughts on “Student Loan Forgiveness DOES NOT Require a FEE

  1. wow they have recently sent me a letter and I contacted them and was qualified and gave them a lot of my info. then was told a 1500.00 cost but got me lowered to 850.00 and I could do 2 separate payments of 400.00 something, I did not do, told her i would have to check into, can not afford this……………


    1. That is not how student loan forgiveness works. You only qualify for forgiveness and one stipulation is that you must work in the public service/teaching field upon graduating. You also must pay the loan back for about 10 years while working in the public service/teaching field and what ever is left on the loan will be forgiven. There are several repayment options such as income based repayments and you qualify for these based on loan type (subsidized/unsubsidized). For more info visit the Federal Student Aid website at and click on the headline that says managing repayment.


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