So now it’s a crime to post educational content about Walden University on the web?

When Brown Girls Connect was created in July of 2013, it was with great intent to post content that would be both resourceful and that benefited the masses in a number of important areas. Being that Education is of undeniable significance to this site, there is delicate concentration given to the publication of such material.

To be knowledgeable, aware and gain access to information that is not otherwise readily available or marketed is a particular interest that is impressed upon those who choose to visit our site. However, in a post listed 8 months ago on our site which presented educational content is up for dispute by Walden University.

Walden University was listed  on our site as number one of the top 3 online universities for a PH.D, along with Capella University and Grand Canyon University. So far, we have only received complaints from Walden University pertaining to the informational content that simply gave free advertisement for what we considered being a pertinent option for working individuals who wanted to continue their education online.

However there was an email sent to Brown Girls Connect today indicating that we should remove Walden University from our website to prevent misrepresenting their University. So here is the million dollar question. Is it a crime to post educational content on the web?

Perhaps the entity (that being Brown Girls Connect) that is promoting this access to higher education should not be doing so. Could it be that we are misrepresenting your University simply by stating the fact that you exist and that it is a great option? That is all that’s been presented. For doing so, we are in a compliance violation and should remove the content immediately. Interesting enough.

Here is the email that Walden University sent regarding the compliance violation:

FIRST NOTICE Walden University: Compliance Violation


RE: Walden University:  Compliance Violation

According to a recent marketing compliance internet scan, a reference to Walden University was found on the following website

To avoid misrepresentation of Walden University, please immediately remove Walden content on this page.

Your response to this email will serve as confirmation that the violation has been removed.

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Note that Walden uses automated 3rd party Compliance Technology to monitor the adherence to our branding and marketing compliance guidelines on a 24-hour basis, 365 days per year, and will be able to track when these changes are made.

Thank you,

Marketing Compliance Team

Walden University

We would like to know what your thought are on this. Comment and shed light on what the issue could be.

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