WE LEAD OURS Youth Organization



We Lead Ours (WELO), a non-profit organization, has a proven track record for responsible community building and development. At WELO, at-risk and underprivileged youth are exposed to positive, enriching environments filled with educational, community, and service orientated activities – activities that help build self-esteem, good communication, and strong personal values.

 Dwayne Aikens Jr., Trestin George, and Lamont Robinson created WELO as an avenue to engage youth through sports education, service learning, and civic involvement. While focusing on youth is our priority, we also believe in the importance of building a strong foundation.  To help foster those efforts, we work closely with parents, teachers, and other community organizations to support youth development and assist in strengthening our communities. 

 Our mission is to help disadvantaged youth realize their full potential and live up to their abilities. Through positive teambuilding, educational, and service oriented activities, we will empower youth to take an active role in determining their future.  To ensure long-term transformation and success,  we will provide youth with continual nurturance and support through individual mentoring and leadership development programs.

WELO Mentoring Programs (Click here for a complete description)

WeCycle 4 Us 

Tobacco Youth Prevention Program (TUPE) 

Language of Leaders Institue (M.A.P.S. & L.A.P.S) 

WELO Sports & Fitness 

Summer With CAMP LOL.I

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 Main Office (East Bay):

55 Santa Clara Ave. Suite 220D
Oakland, CA 94610
Mail: info@weleadours.org

​​Tel: 925-206-2843

Fax: 510-229-3561

Web: www.weleadours.org

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