HIV Positive British Mom Admits, ‘I thought only people in Africa got HIV’

Nearly one year after divorcing her husband of 20 years, Rachel Dilley, a 48-year-old mother of three contracted HIV from an online dating fling.

Dilley was a recent guest on ITV, a British Morning Show where she shared the account of contracting the virus and the reactions from family and friends.

The Mom, nearly 40 years old at the time of contraction told the show host that while she did have unprotected sex with her partner, she didn’t think that she could contract HIV because she was white and “thought you got it in Africa.”

While Dilley admits that she knew nothing about HIV or AIDS, she blames that being naïve was what gave her the idea that she and all other white was exempt from contracting the virus

Moreover, it was her belief that the infection was an automatic death sentence; as believed by her son as well.

After feeling ill for several weeks, Dilley made an appointment to see her Doctor. Because of the Malaria like symptoms DilLey experienced, a HIV a test was performed to rule out the possibility.

Two weeks later, the shocking news was revealed. Rachel was HIV positive. It wasn’t until then that Dilley took to the internet to learn more about the virus.

Dilley reports that she was ashamed but that she immediately told her children about contracting the HIV virus. Her daughter was speechless and a friend told her that she could not touch her newborn child.

Diilley understood her friends fears and knew that her friend was naïve and uneducated about the HIV virus so the reaction did not bother her.

Here is a short national timeline of events about HIV (Rachel Dilley, where have you been?):


AIDS is reported in several European countries, including the UK

Terry Higgins is one of the first people in the UK to die of AIDS and the Terrence Higgins Trust is founded


At the Pasteur Institute in France, Drs. Francoise Barr-Sinoussi, Luc Montagnier, et al., isolate a new retrovirus from a French patient with AIDS symptoms. They call it lymphadenopathy-associated virus, or LAV.

AIDS cases have now been reported in 33 countries.


AIDS has now been reported in 51 countries and on every continent except Antarctica.

Rock Hudson dies of AIDS.


Perry Ellis dies of AIDS.

Jerry Smith dies of AIDS.


The UK Government’s ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’ campaign is launched, with leaflets to every home in the country

The CDC launches a new nationwide public information campaign, “America Responds to AIDS.”


World AIDS Day is established on 1 December as the first international health day

A world summit on AIDS is held in London, resulting in the London Declaration on AIDS Prevention

I agree that there need to be more education about HIV/AIDS. Being naïve is not excusable. Nor is the ignorance of believing everything you are fed through the media. The authorities will tell you anything. It is sad that Rachel only saw Africa displayed on television as a HIV/AIDS stricken Continent and knew nothing more of this great  Continent.

I can not stress the importance of educating yourself by doing your own research. It is necessary to look beyond what is projected in the media because often times there is information that is projected to the public that is a lie.

False, exaggerated and completely made up stories. Data and knowledge that people ultimately believe that is simply what the authorities want us to believe and know.They are great at this stuff; at getting us to think, believe and behave the way they see fit.

For instance, in the United States the images that are often portrayed about the lifestyle of Africa people is that they are poor, dirty, sickly, hungry, poverty-stricken children. Children who have been abandoned by their parents.

Here are a few interesting acts that you won’t hear in the media about Africa:

Africa has approximately 30% of the earth’s remaining mineral resources.

Nigeria is fourth largest oil exporter in the world, and Africa’s biggest oil producer with about 2.2 million barrels produced every day. Top 10 oil producers in order of total exports: Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo, Gabon, South Africa.

The continent has the largest reserves of precious metals with over 40% of the gold reserves, over 60% of the cobalt, and 90% of the platinum reserves. In essence Africa is a very rich country. So why are the African people so terribly poor? The things that make you say hummmm?

Here are 100 things that you did not know about Africa

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