The ‘Party’ App That ONLY Works When You Are LEGALLY DRUNK

New social network breathalyser app developed


There is a new “Dunk Person” app that has been developed and is said to hit the market this spring. This social networking app is called Livr and it is an app that encourages people to be legally drunk in order to use it. You heard it right. Users are only able to access this app when the Breathalyzer that plugs into the charger access point on IOS and android devices has a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading above the legal limit for driving. How completely stupid and irresponsible is that?

Anyhow, the fun begins with features such as the Truth or Dare Game. So you basically get points for participating is certain tasks. Not sure what the points or redemption are used for. Then there is the drunk dial feature, where you randomly call another Livr user who will most likely be a stranger. That sounds rather safe and enjoyable wouldn’t you say? It is also a great way to sign up for a sexual assault, confrontation and other crime associated with being drunk. This is so even when your intentions were just to have a good time.

The higher the BAC, the more features, pictured, are unlocked. These features include a Truth or Dare game, in which users get points for participating in certain tasks, and a Drunk Dial option that randomly calls a number of another Livr user - even strangers

The facts are that drunken people typically don’t think logically or rationally.

The Hot Spot feature will let you know exactly where the nearest bars and clubs are. And if that doesn’t seem crazy enough, there is also an additional feature called Large Spots / Busy Venues that shows condensed amounts of Livr users. So if you wanna find out where large sums of drunken people are you can do that too. Let’s just hope that there is a sober friend to drive there.

The colour code lets you know how drunk somebody really is. This is perfect for a predator whose intent is to take full advantage of the situation. Just think. Anybody can initially blow into the Breathalyzer. There is no guarantee that the person who has proven to be drunk is the person that you will talk to or meet during your drunken fun exchange.

Encouraging people to consume large amounts of liquor to have fun and let loose is going to back fire in the end.

A disclaimer at the bottom of the Livr site says: ‘The app is intended for responsible adults of legal drinking age. It is purely intended for entertainment purposes.

‘Do not drink and drive. Do not drink excessively. Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause irreparable damage or harm to your body and may be lethal.’

LIVR Screenshot 6

The last feature, the Blackout Button is intended for use when you are ending the night. It will erase call history, photos and any other evidence of you not being capable of holding your liquor. This is your last attempt at saving face because you can’t erase the reality of everything that may have happened while under the influence.

The final feature of the app, designed to be used at the end of a night, is the Blackout button, pictured. Pressing the button wipes all evidence, including photos and call history, from the device. Alternatively, a Morning After report can be sent to other users showing off any antics from the previous night


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