Don’t Waste Your Money On Quibids


If you have seen an advertisement for Quibids, they do a good job at enticing viewers with the belief that you can get big ticket items for pennies on the dollar.

They promise savings on all kinds of items like iPads, MacBooks, digital cameras, cars and more. “Imagine getting a new Apple iPad today for just $23.74!

First of all, when you sign up for these sites you are required to purchase a pack of bids. For example, you might have to buy 100 bids for $60.

Quibids, like many other penny saver auction sites is a SCAM!!  Initially I bought the $60 packet with 100 bids. What I found was that I used the majority of the bids trying to buy the electronic items.

When I got down on bids, I decided to bid on items that I thought would be easier to win. When I bided on a wooden counting toy for my two year old daughter, I was just trying to use my last few bids and I didn’t really expect to win. But I did. I WON!

I was so excited when I WON the bid that I immediately went to checkout. Since I’d won the bid the shipping and .11 cent fee was waived.

To be quite frank, I never got the toy in the mail. It has been several months and still nothing. I also believe that there is a team of people who work for Quibids who are bidding against you. I Have heard of credit card misappropriation associated with this site as well.

Just a heads up to you folks out there who love a good deal.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Money On Quibids

  1. We’re so sorry to hear that you didn’t have a positive experience with QuiBIds. We strongly encourage all new users to read the information found in the QuiBids 101 section for helpful tips to make sure you get the most out of our site. One important tip is to start bidding on smaller items until you get a little experience under your belt because the more popular items are usually more competitive and harder for a new bidder to win.

    The notion that we have employees bidding on our site is simply untrue, and we go to great lengths to give customers like you a better peace of mind about issues like this. One way we do this is by routinely undergoing internal audits by an outside firm to verify that neither employees, nor their immediate family members, are placing bids. You can read more about our audits here:

    Lastly, we sincerely apologize for the lost item and the inconvenience it has caused. If you’d like, feel free to contact our support ( or @QuiBidsHelp on Twitter) and provide your username and we’d be happy to figure out what happened.



    1. I don’t believe the audits. I have witnessed the same person bidding on countless items, on different pages, within seconds. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE! It is my assumption that that is a computerized bid.


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