I’ve Come To A Place

By: Dawn Boykin

I’ve come to a place of serene peace-

A longing yearn of tranquility fulfilled

Who thought of a time, when I’d joyfully prevail with laughter,

from speculations of whispered conviction?

Some say that they know me, they don’t-

How could you, when you only judge what you do not understand or know?

I am not who you believe me to be,

I am a person that some are undeserving to know.

Carry on, willow in the sorrow of miseries discomfort-

I wish to not join you there.

For this inner sanction of content has since reconciled  insecurities once had.

I’ve come to a place my dearest love,

a place where we no longer belong.

I’ll catch up with you if we may-

For who would have known this day would be?

A happy beginning, from the reconciled pain of the past.

So long, may peace and blessings be with you.

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