Ne Ne Leakes Wants a Prenup


By Dawn Boykin

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Ne Ne Leakes revealed on her new reality show I Dream of Ne Ne: The Wedding that she is demanding that Gregg sign a prenup before they remarry.

Ne Ne thinks that a prenup is a good idea and that there is nothing wrong with getting one.

Leakes called off her 15 year marriage to Gregg back in 2011 and says that she just wants to be protected this time around. Ne Ne says that during their last divorce, Gregg played dirty in court.

Apparently Gregg is not feeling the whole prenup thing and has made it known that he doesn’t see a reason to have one.

The fact that Ne Ne has been down this road before, lead me to believe that she wants to play it safe in case things go south again.

Even Leakes divorce attorney showed concern and was not reassuring that the remarry would pan out. He told Ne Ne that in the majority of cases that he has seen in his career, second marriages rarely end in harmony. Ne Ne seemed shocked to hear this news.

I don’t believe that NeNe and Gregg should remarry. At least not right now.

There appear to be a lot of unresolved conflict pertaining to their past . This could easily be the pretense to disaster in the future.

It’s clear that Ne Ne is not over her past hurt when it comes to Gregg.  Leakes is open to revisiting the issues that are causing strain on their current relationship.

On the other hand Gregg is over talking about yesterday. In their therapy session, he flat out told the therapist to not have an opinion about his children because he did not know them.

I didn’t know that Gregg had like 5 grown children from a previous marriage! Ne Ne feels as though Gregg has not made any effort to combine the two families and that their youngest son didn’t even know that Gregg had siblings.  Now that’s a lot to deal with.

Gregg was on the defense the entire session, and at one point told their marriage counselor that it would be best that he back off and leave the room.

I’m not sure how this is going to play out, but I am going to stay tuned to see what is going to happen in this twisted love situation.

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