Is Sagging Pants Worth Sexual Dysfunction?


By Dawn Boykin

I wonder what it would  take to get a man who sags his pants to understand how completely stupid, pathetic an unhealthy that sagging is.

Worst is when I see a man sagging with a belt on. What is the damn point dude? The idea of sagging is starting to take on new meaning. Let me tell you, it is becoming worst by the minute.

I recently saw a guy sagging, to the point that I wanted to just ask him why he even bothered to wear the darn pants to begin with. “May as well wear your underwear instead, you dummy!” But I don’t say it, I just let the thoughts and feeling eat away at me.

Have you ever witnessed pant sagging beneath the knee- almost to the ankle? Well I have. During this time, I  had an abundance of emotions overcome me. I was mostly annoyed, confused and disgusted.

Seriously? As fashion forward and cool as one may believe that they are by sagging their pants is, I couldn’t begin to tell you how much of an idiot you appear to be to myself and the mass majority.

Not only that, but there has been research linked to medical conditions associated with sagging.

A two year study by the National Medical Association, led by Oliver Mansback concluded that the continuous wearing of sagging pants causes a severe impact on sexual performance.

If was found that sagging pants led to the likelihood of premature ejaculation during sex.

Further, the study found that 75-82% of men who sagged their pants had some form of sexual dysfunction.

This is said to be caused from the constant mis-aligning of the hip and lower torso from the gait, which is systematic to pant sagging.

Coupled with that means little or no blood flow, leading to no oxygen from blood, no nutrients or cleaning of toxins.

Long term effects of reduced blood circulation can damage the body severely.

For men, this will play out in sexual performance and problems with urine flow.

This can lead to bladder, kidney and prostate impairment. This could even lead to shrinking of organs.

If you are diabetic, this can lead to gangrene and amputation.

Not only that, but sagging can compress the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous (LFC) Nerve. This nerve runs down your thigh and with constant pressure the nerve can go into overdrive and start registering premature pain.

This condition is caused meralgia paresthetica, a serious neurological disorder which causes numbness of the leg, stinging pain, over sensitivity to heat and atrophied leg tissue in some cases.

And if this is not enough to get you men to part with sagging pants, I hope that you all have great medical benefits to see you through your medical dilemma waiting just around the corner.

Now is that enough to give up this ridiculously absurd habit?

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