First Indian Crowned Miss America Said To Be A Non-American Terrorist


by Dawn Boykin

Nina Davuluri, 24, the first Indian American was awarded the Miss America crown Sunday night in Atlantic City, N.J.

While Davuluri was shocked yet elated by her win, unfortunately her win was not celebrated by all. In fact, her winning the Miss America title was negatively voiced on varied social media outlets.

She’s not a real American, some say. She’s a terrorist; more like “Miss Al Qaeda,” others scoff.

The reaction from the outcome of the crowning of an Indian American in a Miss America pageant is deeply troubling, shameful and disgusting to say the least.

The reality is that her achievement has been tainted with typical racist attacks and hate filled tantrums displayed on twitter and other social media outlets generalized around race and religion.

Davuluris’s opportunity to celebrate diversity and display cultural competency is the message that American’s and all people should appreciate and respect. This is simply a reminder of how much more work remains to be done to ensure that America strive to not succumb to hate based merely on the color of a person’s skin.

I don’t understand why it matters so much, a person’s race anyhow. Apparently, she won the title fair and square. It is just pitiful that the mere fact that Nina is Indian American and COLORED, as being the basis for why she is being bashed, ridiculed and degraded.

I don’t know what it will take for people to look beyond the basis of skin tone, race, religion, socioeconomic standing, education, culture and see that there are more similarities as an entire race than there are differences.

So what makes one race superior to the other? NOTHING! We all share 99% of the same genetic make- up. Yes, all people. It doesn’t matter where you are from. We are more similar than different.

Seriously, people need to wake up and stop being simpleminded and to see everyone for who they are, individuals. A person, A human being. Not as anything more, not anything less.

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