11-Year-Old Starts School Year Off As College Freshman

carson huey-you TCU

FORT WORTH, Texas  — The hardest part of college life for Carson Huey-You (pictured) is the weight of the books he must carry in his backpack.

After all, Carson’s only 4-foot-7, 75 pounds — and 11-years-old as he embarks on his freshman year at Texas Christian University.

He became TCU’s youngest student ever when classes started last week. The physics major says he plans to be a quantum physicist.

The Southlake child graduated in May as co-valedictorian from a private Grapevine high school at age 10. He scored 1770 on his SAT, and his mother, Claretta Huey-You, says Carson was reading by age 2. She says numbers and math came easily to him, he plays classical music on the piano, and he can speak Mandarin Chinese.

He even played Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” during his admissions interview. As brilliant as the young man is, Dean of Admissions Ray Brown told NBC Dallas/Fort Worth that Carson’s youth posed a few challenges during the application process.  “He was completely off the grid when it came to even the most basic of things, like completing an application or completing a financial aid form,” he said. “Because of his date of birth, those forms would not accept his application.”

(The system does not accept applications from people born in 2002)

For those who worry about Carson’s maturity and his ability to adjust to college life, Dr. Magnus Rigby, an associate dean and physics professor in astronomy, says there’s nothing to be concerned about. “When people worried about him going to college at this age, my response is, ‘What else would he do?’” he told WFAA 8-TV.

Besides, he’s been in this situation before. “When I was five, I was put in 8th grade with people a lot older and a lot taller,” Carson told the TV station.

Never intimidated by challenges, he says he plans on earning his doctorate before he’s 20. How’s that for ambitious! When Carson is not in class, he enjoys playing video games. His favorite movie is “Star Wars,” and he loves the “Chronicles of Narnia” book series.

Aug 28, 2013

By NewsOne/Associated Press


Watch Carson talk about adjusting to college life

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