White Lady Clutches Purse As My Black Fiance Walks By

by Dawn Boykin

So, get this. I was out shopping with my toddler and my fiancé last week in Napa, Ca. which is jus a few miles from where we live.  Napa Valley is considered one of the premier wine regions in the world. Here you will find an selection of world-acclaimed Napa Valley wineries, Michelin-star restaurants, healing spas, cultural arts, outdoor recreation, not to mention bed & breakfast including in town (close to activities and dining) and remote vineyard settings alike.

The thing about me and shopping is that, there’s a connection between my dopamine receptors and the thought of buying a product of my liking (or non-liking). I JUST HAVE THE URGE TO BUY!  I completely check out of my surroundings and focus on the shoppers high-it’s a feeling like no other. I don’t know why, I just do okay? But of course with me, I have a shopping habit. I’m a shop-a-holic, an ADDICT if you will.

Anyhow, we were out shopping for electronics on this  particular sunny afternoon. The rays were perfectly situated in the sky, with just enough of a breeze to capture the essence of a perfect day happening. I casually browsed the electronic section, peering over at the child books just behind the T.V.’s pinned against a back wall. Then, it was over to the movie section, back to the tablets. Again, pacing past the T.V’s.

Sounds like a typical shopping outing right? Browsing in ANY store could last hours for me, but this day was different. I wasn’t in the mood to indulge in any real shopping experience and  I knew that my Fiance Joe wasn’t feeling well. In fact, we were in the store for just about 30 minutes (A true record breaker).

We started for the exit, and  my shoppers high hadn’t yet parted way with me.

I was aiming for the exit with the intent of possibly stopping in at another local  market just down the road from home. I had one foot out of the door, as I pushed little Mc Kenzie in the shopping cart.  She probably being my biggest distraction. As most of the time, I am entertaining her with songs and chatter to keep her occupied and happy. Joe followed just a short distance behind.

As I peered back, Joe asked “Did you see that lady just clutch her purse as I walked by?”

I said “No, who? Show her to me.”

I was eager to see who would engage in such a pitiful, stupid way. I stepped back and looked though the sliding door. There was a frail White lady sitting nervously, clutching her hands together, her purse straps in a chock hold.

He said, “The lady there sitting in the electric shopping cart, parked by the door.” Her purse was just sitting there, and when I walked past, she clutched her purse and wrapped the strap around her wrist and held on to the electronic buggy.”

I told Joe, “What does she think you are going to do, snatch her purse and run. While you are out shopping with your family?” The thought was insane.

As we walked to our car in the parking lot, I couldn’t help but think of how Joe might be feeling. I also thought about all of the stories and jokes that I have heard about White Women behaving in a similar manner in others situations when Black Men walk by on the street and when Black Men enter an elevator with a White Women. I had never witnessed it.

The thoughts that I had were sad, anger and upset. Especially for Joe. It is amazing, that this day in age that Black people are being  stereotyped, judged and mistreated solely on their skin color and for no other reason. I experience a different prejudice on a daily basis for being Black as well. For being a Women as well.

The truth of the matter is that Joe is a hard working man, who makes an honest living to support his family. And no, he is not the stereotypical thug that would be the reason that a White Women claims to be afraid for her safety and wellbeing. Beyond that, Joe is a gentle, caring and loving man.

Actually, he would be a help if anything. He has no intention to harm ANYONE.

A few months back, he helped an older White Women to her car who had passed out at the front door of Safeway grocery store. In fact, he was the only person who came to help her up from lying in a fetal position on the floor. She and her daughter couldn’t stop arguing and her daughter kept saying “I don’t have time for this today.” As if the lady was pretending.

We later found, that the older lady had just left the doctors and her daughter wanted to stop at the grocer before going home.

They were thankful and appreciative and Joe was happy that he could help.

But I say all of this to say that nobody deserves to be discriminated against and treated like a scavenger savage for the sake of prejudices. We are Black, but we are also people who bleed blood and have feelings like everyone else. How would you feel if someone mistreated you on a daily basis because of a fact that you can’t change?-LIKE SKIN COLOR!?

Why are White people so threatened by Blacks?

Why does society continue to feed into the racist mentality that Blacks are inferior?

That Blacks are savage people with no heart?

That Blacks deserve to be mistreated?

Why can’t Black people be seen in a positive light?

WHEN WILL ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS BE NO MORE! This makes no sense, Wake up people. We are all decedents of BLACK people. We are all one RACE. THE HUMAN RACE!  Yea, I know. You have heard this time and time again. But it is very real. It sounds repetitive to those who are not affected by it. RACISM IS VERY MUCH ALIVE. TODAY AND EVERYDAY FOR BLACK PEOPLE and this has to change!

For the sake of humanity, for the sake of mankind.

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