Tameka Foster Demands Custody Of Sons Following Pool Accident / Readies Fresh Battle


No more than a year after losing her son Kile to a Jet Ski accident in Atlanta, Usher‘s ex wife Tameka Foster has filed for custody of her sons with the ‘Confessions‘ singer, after their five year old was involved in a swimming pool accident earlier on this week.

On Monday, their oldest son- named after his father- was rushed to intensive care after his hand was caught in a pool drain, while under the supervision of Usher’s aunt Rena Oden.

Now, in a move reportedly made to protect her sons, Tameka has filed for emergency custody, citing ‘the lack of supervision’ in her ex husband’s home as grounds for her filing and as the cause of the pool drain incident.

Fortunately for her, she has now been awarded the emergency custody she sought, after the legal documents she filed against the ‘Climax‘ star saw her claim that while he may have been granted primary custody, he is never home to take care of their children himself.

Instead, if Foster is to be believed, the star has appointed nannies and his aforementioned aunt to raise his children for him- and it’s this that Tameka seeks to end with the legal action she has now taken.

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