Judge Orders 60-Day Cooling Off Period in BART Negotiations


BART and the transit agency’s two biggest unions will continue contract negotiations today, just hours after a judge ordered a cooling off period that prevents workers from striking for the next 60 days.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Curtis Karnow said this morning at a special hearing that a work stoppage by BART employees would substantially disrupt public transportation and threaten the safety and welfare of Bay Area residents.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee issued a statement praising Brown for taking action to avoid another strike, about a month after BART employees walked off the job during the first week of July and crippled Bay Area commutes for four days.

If no agreement is reached before the end of the 60-day cooling off period, workers will then have the right to strike at any time.


2 thoughts on “Judge Orders 60-Day Cooling Off Period in BART Negotiations

  1. Thank you for spreading the word. While we the workers would hate to inconvenience people will will stand up for what is right. Why should we continue to be forced to take cuts in when our general manager continues to get raises and bonuses?


  2. BrownGirlsCONNECT support union workers completely. Keep up the fight! Workers are what keep the business going and workers should not have to pay for new equipment/expansion efforts for Bart to profit from and not allow workers to benefit as well. The percentage increase that workers are due will not cripple the organization. If the general manager is reaping the benefits instead of the workers, that is unjustifiable.


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