4 4 u

Specializing in Marketing/Promotions

4 U Entertainment utilizes radio, TV, internet, major events, and magazine to build companies and images into becoming household names.  4 U Entertainment is the driving force behind the majors, independent artists’, promoters, and companies alike.  They set up media packages that can include airplay as well as radio and television informercials, nationally as well as regionally.Their track record in marketing speaks for itself, as they have been instrumental in breaking records and music videos for artists’ on Universal Music Group, J Records, Interscope, Warner Bros, Geffen, Virgin and more!  4 U Entertainment also does Red Carpet Events, Sponsorship Acquit-ions and work with over 4,000 major corporations.

Contact  4 U Entertainment at 213-761-7993, Twitter @ChaChaThaDimond and let their hardworking staff design a plan that fits your needs or consult with someone about what your next important move should be to move your brand to the next level!

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